Non-GMO – Insecticide free – Glyphosate free – Family owned & operated – Farm fresh every year.

Fresh wheat straight from the farm to you.

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Dave’s Farms, located just outside of Delta, Utah. Providing 100% natural hard white and red wheat across the U.S.  We work very hard to provide the best product that we can.  With group orders we also deliver Honey. It is organic and is also a great product.

My dad and brothers do all the farming and cleaning.  We can tell you everything you want to know about our wheat.  We never use a pesticide. We do spray once with a herbicide before it is two inches tall because we feel that if we don’t spray once early in the growing process the weeds will over come our wheat. We want our wheat to get all the best nutrition from the ground that it can but weeds grow faster then the wheat and by the time the wheat reaches maturity, the weed have taken most if not all of the nutrition.

Try our new membership program. You can work on your food storage or just receive enough wheat to make 2 large batches of bread every month.